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Local Love

Why shop small?

A customer took our repair estimate to a big-name shop. Our estimate was less than theirs and the manager looked at our price said "they won't be open in a few months!". We've been open in Denton 10+ years. When that customer came back to Allgood to get the work done, he asked "how are you able to do the work at a lower price?"

We are a small business.

You are not going to help pay the overhead of having hundreds of employees in multiple locations. There are no executive wizards behind the curtains here - the owner works 5 days a week alongside the technicians.

Relationships are number one.

We focus on loyalty, and what keeps us busy is customers returning because they trust only us to touch their car. Our repair estimates are honest and we inform of all options. Our customers send their family and refer their friends.

We don't promise to be the cheapest in town...

But we create affordability by discussing what you need to repair now with a timeline of what repairs can be done over time.

We don't have hard upsell tactics.

We carefully built Allgood Auto with genuine, hard working team members with integrity and a strong work ethic. They care about the cars and most importantly, the people driving them. Our guys love their family - and they know you do too.

Think about where you spend your dollar.

When you shop local, you are doing a service for the community and its families who bring you the goods, services, and experiences that enrich our everyday life.

Call Allgood Auto today


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