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Transmission Problems?

Your transmission is a large, complex piece of machinery. It is housed in a big block of metal that is attached to the engine of your car. Under the hood, the engine sets off mini-explosions - and that power is transferred to the wheels by a set of gears. The gears are not unlike those on a bicycle, switching from low to high settings in order to spin the drivewheels.

Transmissions will fail when poorly driven and maintained. A replacement or a repair is expensive! Regular maintenance can prevent the financial burden of a failed transmission. Simple flushes of fluids and oils, plus proper tire rotation and replacement is the key. We will list some common problems with solutions to help you understand your transmission better...

Low-Cost Maintenance

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Change when you notice hard shifting, a bad smell, or hesitation when accelerating. Needs occasional flushes and filter changes every 30k miles.

Differential Oil or Fluid

Breaks down over time, wearing out the gears. Needs occasional change out every 50k miles.

Axle Shafts

Attached to the wheel bearing, they fail over time and may need replaced when you notice a thumping from the wheels.

Costly Repairs

U Joints

Corrosion and failure is caused by accelerating too quickly or not replacing tires in pairs or sets. A bumping noise under the car seats when switching from drive to reverse indicates a problem.


When not properly maintained, a sign of failure is grinding noises coming from the rear. This can be expensive as the entire rear axle may also need to be replaced.

Transfer Case

Generally won't fail unless it is not properly maintained with occasional automatic transmission flushes. Although, replacement of this very large component is expensive.


Driver abuse will cause the car to slip when shifting manual gears. But if driven well a clutch will last 100k miles or more, and may only need to be replaced once in the cars lifetime.

At Allgood Auto we rebuild your transmission in-house. Our professional builder has 40+ years of experience and completes the work on location. His expertise is solely focused on the craft of transmission repair. We guarantee the work with a 3yr or 100k mile warranty. If you have any questions please give us a call! We are always here to help you.

Visit Us in Denton, Tx!


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