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Should You Shop-Hop?

When it comes to auto repair, is shop-hopping a good thing? Jumping around to find the lowest price on repairs seems like the right thing to do. However, cheap work is not always good work. When you don't have a trusted primary technician for your car, it is difficult to know the true health of your vehicle or properly track its repair history. A good track record can also help when you try to sell your car for a great price.

Make it a priority to find a qualified technician you can trust. A car has thousands of moving parts, an intricate internal communication system, and a hearty frame to support a heavy load. You invested thousands in to buying a car, so it makes sense to carefully choose a shop and build a relationship with the team who works there.

It is important a mechanic communicates the repair plan clearly before the work begins. There should be no pressure to approve a non-urgent repair. At Allgood Auto, we insist on truthful discussion of your cars needs, and sometimes we even take pictures to show which parts are broken, leaking or malfunctioning to show you so you understand better. We will take the time to offer a proper diagnosis - so your car runs well at any age.

We invite you to visit the shop in Denton and get a feel for how our team operates. We have a small town vibe people love, and a fun work environment. Our reviews are a great source of feedback and inspiration, so we hope you'll read those too. Your comfort through the process of auto repair is important, so we always offer a 5-star Service Guarantee as well as a 1yr. Parts and Labor Warranty.


(940) 382-2222



We look forward to becoming your NEW Primary Technician!

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