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Student Safety Checklist

The excitement of new student arrivals to the University of North Texas creates quite a buzz in our little town. There is a lot to accomplish before sending your child out on their own for the first time. A students biggest asset on this new journey is their transportation.

The first step is visiting your local repair shop for a good automotive tune-up. A mechanic will check the tires for air and tread, and make sure all fluids are clean and filled correctly. This is the time to replace windshield wipers and check the brake pads. If your student will be traveling out of state, here are tips to ensure they have all the information and tools necessary for a safe trip.

Compile a list of important contacts for easy reference in a new city.

1. Auto insurance company

2. University and public transportation options

3. Towing and tire repair centers

4. Auto repair shop

5. Local radio stations (in case of bad weather)

Survive the Drive

Show your student how fill the tires with air at a gas station, and how to use a tire gauge to prevent a flat. Put together an emergency kit in the trunk so they are prepared in the event of a breakdown or bad weather.

1. Solar phone charger and some hidden cash

2. Flat tire sealant and jumper cables

3. Quart of oil

4. Bottled water and non-perishable snacks like granola

5. First aid kit

6. Walking shoes and gloves

7. Umbrella and flashlight

8. Good, old-fashioned road map

9. Ice Scraper

What to do if the car is overheating:

The temperature gauge on the dashboard is the first line of defense! When a car is overheating it is usually because of low coolant or electrical fans not running properly. Pull over immediately and turn OFF the A/C! Instead, turn on the heater to pull the hot air off the engine. This is when your student will need the number to a towing company and repair shop. Prevent trouble by teaching them how to check their fluids frequently, and how to correctly refill their own oil and radiator fluid.

What to do in Severe Weather:

Ice - It's no fun scraping ice off a windshield in the freezing rain. It's a good idea to have two scrapers, one in the dorm and one in the car. Keeping some kitty litter around can help give tires traction in an icy parking spot.

Thunderstorms - Flash flooding is common in North Texas - and so is hydroplaning! During a heavy rain our side streets will flood - so it is best to pull over and wait it out. Upload a weather app for the most accurate local radar. Also, get familiar with a local radio station in the event we lose power! A battery-operated radio, candles, matches and bottled water are things we keep in a kit for when we lose electricity.

Ready, Set, Go!

Preparing for safe travel is essential to help them stay focused when trouble arises. A folder with emergency contacts and a box of supplies in the trunk will be a welcome resource! Throw in a collapsible laundry basket too - they are going to need it for the trip home (with a trunk full of dirty laundry!)

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