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On a weekend trip, we stumbled upon a garage in a funky old building in a notorious shopping area of Austin Texas. Once we shared that we have a repair shop in Denton, the technician was kind enough to let us walk around and talk with us about the repair business. From aging Ford trucks lined up in the yard, to rows of dusty of books in their self-made automotive library, one could really feel the heart and the passion these guys had for the industry. Even in the dingiest corners there can be found tremendous value for a dirty job, well done. Moving through the space gave us a new appreciation for the eclectic shop vibe we would like to create and celebrate.

It begs the question, why should anyone chose an indie garage over a glistening dealership garage? At Allgood Auto, we too invest in up to date technology and equipment. We have a staff of well trained, professional mechanics and friendly advisors that offer consistently good customer service. Rather than working on one brand of car, our technicians have the depth of knowledge that comes from exposure to a wide variety of cars and their common problems. Our team members stay with us for years, which should bring a feeling of security knowing exactly who worked on your car. A new customer is never a one-time sale, we live by referrals so we are invested in earning your trust!

We invite you in to our independent garage located in Denton, Texas. We may not have a lounge or smart tv's - but the laughter and brotherhood from inside is real. We have ice-cold bottled water from a buzzing old fridge that has been with us for years - even popsicles that some kids just walk right in and help themselves to in the summer. No fancy shuttle service while your car is being looked at, but we will take you anywhere you need to go in one of our shop trucks. We're just like you and realize you have to get to school and work to make the dream happen, and we're here to help you. This dirty job brings out a great passion for the hard work it requires. As we grow this small business, we promise to build it upon the hometown charm we have grown to love.

Allgood Auto | 1032 Shady Oaks Drive | Denton, Tx

(940) 382-2222

Our day at Dave's Perfection Automotive in Austin, Texas


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