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includes 1lb refrigerant plus dye

Why do I need refrigerant?

There are two causes of refrigerant leaks: age and moisture. While much of your automotive air conditioning system is made of metal, rubber is also located throughout the parts. With exposure to heat and moisture, rubber degrades over time and can cause you to lose refrigerant very quickly. As wear and tear accelerates, the parts will fail and need to be replaced. An A/C service can help locate the problem part. By law, it is illegal to continuously recharge an air conditioning system with leaks. It hurts the environment and is harmful to the ozone. If you have a leak in your A/C system, one possibility is that moisture has entered the lines.

What is the dye for?

Moisture in an automotive A/C system is very bad, because it mixes with leftover refrigerant and creates acid. To find it we have a unique dye that will glow a bright neon green, which can only be seen with special eyewear. The leak often does not appear until a few days after the service has been performed when the the dye has had time to run through the system. Once we begin to see where the dye is oozing, we can target the specific part that is at fault and repair it.

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