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How reliable is your car?

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Are you ready to upgrade your car or purchase a vehicle for a student? If you are buying outside the dealership, how can you really know if the car is reliable?

Before you hand over the cash, make sure the repairs needed to ensure safety and reliability do not exceed the value of the vehicle. Bring the car to Allgood Auto to have it looked over by our trained technicians before making a decision to purchase.


Used Car Inspection

Denton, Tx

Inspect all major components:

engine performance


fluids & drivability

Report Included:

itemized list of repairs and

maintenance that need attention.

From here, you will have the knowledge to negotiate a fair price for a used vehicle. A seller who refuses a pre-purchase inspection is not being forthright about the condition of the car. We will help you make a wise decision with the safety of your family in mind.

1032 Shady Oaks Drive

Denton, Texas 76205


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